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Working as an interior designer means you have a collection of the best works. Interior design portfolio is where you can gather your masterpiece, allowing other people to easily figure out your talent. The portfolio is an alternative to showcase your design skills as well as style. Considering its important function, this portfolio must be created professionally and creatively. A portfolio should be able to represent the outline of your work without requiring your explanation. Interior design portfolio examples are available out there, giving you an easier task create one. You can simply make a few adjustment according to your styles and the portfolio will be ready to showcase your talent. But if you want to struggle making the portfolio on your own, get to know how to make an excellent portfolio for interior design below.

How to Make Interior Design Portfolio

There are no strict rules when it comes to creating portfolio for your interior design masterpiece. But there are some guidelines that you can follow, helping you to create an understandable and representative portfolio. Developing a portfolio involves a creative way to catch attention from other people. You can begin with searching through all work you have done and sort out the best, the so-so, and the big no-no. Highlight the best work to be included into your interior design portfolio. Once you have the masterpiece, make a note of what kind of work you have done. For instance is technical drawing, sample board, sketches, and others. You can also categorize the work according to its type to make the interior design portfolio layout more interesting.